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SKYPLUME G2 Wind Tunnel Research Ph 1
SKYPLUME G2 Wind Tunnel Research Ph 2
SKYPLUME G2 Wind Tunnel Research Ph 3

Entrainment stacks need to work in the outdoor environment in which they are installed. As crosswinds accelerate, it is important for public safety that stacks maintain designed dilution ratios. Plasticair has now fully addressed dilution and crosswinds.
Our originally designed uni-passage SKYPLUME G1 has wind deflection characteristics inherent to the design on two sides. Our further developed SKYPLUME G2, has greatly enhanced this design feature by adding wind deflection panels. This is very important and ensures that  dilution ratios are constant up to 41 MPH with a nozzle velocity of two times crosswind speed.
Our nozzle is a constant velocity nozzle, meaning that the area is constant from inlet to outlet which translates to virtually no pressure loss. Although this is not a factor dealing with entrainment, it is very beneficial to the whole system as it will result in lower electrical horse power requirements and lower sound output, all this while maintaining a minimum 205% dilution ratio up to 27-34 MPH and resisting downwash within the windband.  
The SKYPLUME G2 is constructed of solid UV stabilized FRP and can structurally withstand winds up to 125 MPH.

Construction materials:
Fan Housing and wheel: FRP
Inlet plenum: FRP,
Dampers: FRP (option for 316 ss, 304 ss or epoxy coated aluminum)
SKYPLUME G1 induction Stacks: FRP with 25 year warranty against failure do to rust.
All FRP is 0-25 flame spread per ASTME-84
All systems comply with ANSI Z9.5